Apple Cider Vinegar: Why Health Pro’s Are Obsessed

If you’ve ever talked to a nutrition expert or read a health book or blog, you’ve probably noticed that they all get off on this apple cider vinegar.  It’s kind of thought of as a jack of all trades when it comes to home remedies.

Personally, it’s my secret weapon for stopping a cold dead in it’s tracks.  It’s also a nice appetite suppressant and helps ward off cravings for sweets.

I’m not about to go into all of the ailments apple cider vinegar supposedly treats (like head lice?) but here’s what properties stand out for me:

  • Is alkaline-forming (disease thrives when our bodies are acidic, thanks to common foods like dairy, sugar, meat, processed foods, etc.)
  • Rich in potassium which hydrates cells, balances sodium, and enables proper performance of the nervous system
  • Has antiseptic qualities that help cleanse the digestive tract and cut through mucus
  • Has apple pectin which promotes elimination (keeps you moving if you know what I mean…)
  • Helps fight yeast and other unhealthy flora

Check it out, but make sure that it’s raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar – the pasteurization/distillation process destroys much of the health properties.  Braggs and Eden Foods are good brands.

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