White Bean Dip…Dressing?

When I’m asked to “bring an appetizer” to a party but I’m feeling lazy, my go-to is this tasty Lemony White Bean dip. It’s refreshing, it’s healthy, it’s easy, and best of all, the ingredients are all pantry staples. Recently I went to one of my favorite I-talian restaurants here in CT and had a super-satisfying salad with a “creamy” dressing made with…white beans. Genius – it wasn’t much more than this dip with a…Continue Reading

No Cooking Required: 3 Smoothies When You’re Too Lazy to Cook

Don’t feel like cooking? I don’t blame you. It’s hot.  Summer’s almost over.  You just want to go out and play before it’s back to crazy time. So this time of year it’s fun to put cooking on the — back burner (yes, I just did that) — and enjoy all your nutrients in one killer smoothie. Below are my 3 go-to smoothie recipes for the summer or really any time of year, but first,…Continue Reading

Easiest Way Ever to Cook Fish

Last Fall, hundreds of you completed a survey about your food preferences and what you wish you ate more often. One of the major foods my non-vegans wished they ate more of was fish. Heeeeere fishy fishy fishy! I’m with you on the “I wish I ate fish more often” thing – I usually order it when I’m in a good restaurant, but for years and years I was afraid to cook with it at…Continue Reading

Oh These Nuts?

I LOVE toasted hazelnuts (and stuff they come in, like Nutella) – they’re an amazing topping for sassing up any basic veggie dish, salad, oatmeal, or dessert in a flash. But when you buy hazelnuts they usually come with those pesky skins still on them. Luckily, they’re easy (and fun) to remove. So check out this week’s quickie video to see how to toast and skin hazelnuts (and make your kitchen smell heavenly) in 5…Continue Reading

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