Free Virtual Cooking Class: Irresistible Veggies for Every Day of the Week

I received a lot of messages after last week’s post on salads and was happy to hear how many of you breathed a sigh of relief when you realized you don’t HAVE to eat salads to keep up with your healthy resolutions.

But how about other veggie-tastic dishes…are they part of your repertoire?

Can I take a guess here? When it comes to recipes, you’ve got chicken down.

You can think of 20 things to do with rice and potatoes. You may even have a great turkey chili slow-cooker routine, thanks to Pinterest.

But what you’re really missing is an arsenal of irresistible vegetable recipes.

After all, it’s the New Year and you’re trying to get your buns in gear, aren’t you?

You know veggies are amazing for your health (and complexion and waistline) but wish you could make them taste just as thrilling as a truffled mac + cheese.

But your lame salad leaves much to be desired. You eat veggies because you know you they are good for you, not because you’re obsessed with the flavors.

Enough of that nonsense.

That’s where I come in. Making super-nutritious vegetables taste indulgent is my specialty.

I’ve gotten steak and pasta-loving folks hooked on powerhouse veggies with just a few easy + fast toppings, sauces, and tricks. Let me be clear…I have no issue with steak. Steak and I are friends. Just needs to be balanced out with some green 🙂

SO, ready eat well and make fast veggie dishes that you are completely addicted to?

Not only will your taste buds be happy with your new addiction, so will your new sparkly complexion, your bursting energy, and your new body-hugging yoga pants.

Join me for this New Year’s virtual cooking class:

Irresistible Vegetable Dishes for Every Day of the Week

Virtual Cooking Class 1.27

Here’s how it works:

  1. You RSVP here.
  2. You’ll get an email from me with your ingredients.
  3. You pick up your ingredients a day or so before the class.
  4. You’ll join me in the comfort of your own kitchen on a Google Hangout and watch me walk you through all the fun, tasty steps!

Here’s what some students had to say about the my last Virtual Cooking Party in December:

I absolutely LOVED it!!!!!!! The class flow, your knife skills lesson, all of it. You are the consummate entertaining hostess/instructor. – Monique, Pasadena, CA

So wonderful! Can’t wait til next time! – Laura, Brooklyn, NY

This was a blast- great lessons! – Jeannine, Fairfield, CT

In this interactive virtual class, you’ll learn:

  • 3 ways to make basic vegetables more exciting,
  • How to sneak super-nutritious veggies into dishes you already love,
  • How to cook veggies in 5 minutes without even pulling out a knife or cutting board, and
  • My secret weapon to transform any boring dish in minutes.

We’ll prepare 2 simple dishes, eat them, and you’ll walk away with the recipes, a shopping list, and an opportunity to learn 5 more irresistible veggie tricks!

Click here to join us and learn healthy but delicious dishes that will feed you fast and keep you satisfied…wayyyy after your New Year’s Resolution excitement has worn off.

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