Go Feed Yourself

Your secret weapon to making healthy meals work for your zero-patience lifestyle. Go Feed Yourself is a member’s only site with 70+ fast recipes, short videos that show you how to become a ninja in the kitchen, weekly menu planning guides, and tricks for morphing big batches into new meals all week. Virtually all recipes are gluten-free and have vegan variations. Check it out.

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Go Feed Yourself: The Launch Diet


The Launch Diet

Working so many hours that you barely have time to change your sweatpants let alone figure out what to eat? Let me take care of it. I’ll show you exact 12 ingredients and the exact steps that will leave you with a fridge full of ridiculously simple focus-boosting meals so you can fuel up and keep creating all week.

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Chocolate Recipes

If It’s Not Chocolate, It’s Not Worth It” E-Book

Perfect if you like to “treat yourself” but don’t want to feel like crap afterwards. In this digital recipe book I share with my top go-to gluten-free, vegan, and heathy(ish) chocolate treats. 11 simple recipes for everyday indulging.

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Download The Perfect Shopping List: the only 20 items you’ll ever need – plus 5 delicious, healthy meals you can make with them right now. It’s free!