10-Minute Quinoa Breakfast Porridge

If you’re freezing your buns off, you may be feeling the urge to swap your morning smoothie for something soothing, hearty, and warm. After all, how can you “curl up” with a frozen mango-strawberry smoothie?! My teeth are jittering just thinking about it. A warm oatmeal might feel like more work, but it doesn’t have to be if you use leftovers! Whipped up some brown rice or quinoa to go with veggies earlier this week?…Continue Reading

Free Virtual Cooking Class: Irresistible Veggies for Every Day of the Week

I received a lot of messages after last week’s post on salads and was happy to hear how many of you breathed a sigh of relief when you realized you don’t HAVE to eat salads to keep up with your healthy resolutions. But how about other veggie-tastic dishes…are they part of your repertoire? Can I take a guess here? When it comes to recipes, you’ve got chicken down. You can think of 20 things to…Continue Reading

Should You Really Be Having a Salad?

It’s a brand new year which means everyone is creating resolutions (or complaining about why resolutions are stupid). Either way, most of us are on a kick to eat more healthfully after gorging ourselves on cookies, booze, and heavy dishes during the holidays. What is the quintessential dish that everyone turns to when they are trying to be “good”? A SALAD. Yup. But, if you’ve resolved to eat more salads for lunch this January, you…Continue Reading

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