Asparagus Recipe Formula: A Side Dish That Helps You De-Bloat

A few months ago I co-hosted a Beauty Bites party with my pal Monique from Goddess Huntress. We rustled up an exquisite grapefruit vodka cocktail, a homemade olive oil skin toner, and a tasty meal full of superfoods that promote a sparkly complexion. The main ingredient? Asparagus. Turns out these suckers are anti-aging powerhouses — one of the highest sources of what some call “the mother of all antioxidants”, glutathione, which helps protect against skin…Continue Reading

A Healthy Lunch You Can Bring to Work

Do you ever try to be good little girl or boy by bringing your lunch to work? I don’t blame you! Buying lunch every day can put a strain on your bank account and your butt…even if you’re just ordering a salad. The culprit? Impulse cornbread purchases, obviously. But if you do bring a bag lunch, it’s almost always a boring salad or sandwich. Or if you’re stuck in 1998, you might still be impressed…Continue Reading

Easy Yet Impressive Weekday Chicken

I used to think this dish was something fancy that only people like my mom or grandmother would made on special occasions. Definitely not something I would ever do on my own, but I loved ordering it at a restaurant. But the more I nerded out on cookbooks (yes, I curl up with them and a highlighter), the more I realized how a roast chicken should really be a weekly staple. Which is why I…Continue Reading

Like You Needed an Excuse to Eat Chocolate

Ooh it’s almost Valentine’s Day and while I find the idea of waiting for a set day in the calendar to show someone how much you love them RIDICULOUS, I’ll tell you what’s not ridiculous: any excuse to get your hands on chocolate. If February 14th is not enough of an excuse, here’s a few more: Chocolate (a quality piece with 70% cocoa or more)… helps release serotonin and endorphins which help relieve anxiety and…Continue Reading