Resolution Schmresolution: Why You Should Quit Telling Everyone Your Goals

Everybody is talking about resolutions and goals this week.

Sadly, they are probably the same goals they were talking about this time last year and the year before that. You’re lucky if you even remember your resolutions by March, let alone stick with them.

Determined to make your big goal stick this year? You might want to try keeping your mouth shut.

Why You Should Keep Your Goals to Yourself

Have you ever told a friend or family member something you are going to do and they commend you simply for announcing your goal? Like, before you even do anything?

You:Starting Monday, I’m going to work out/drink green juice/journal/meditate every day.

Friend:Wow that’s great! Good for you!

It feels good right? Getting that recognition? That little supportive boost?

Well, that boost can also mean that your goals don’t stand a chance.

Derek Sivers points out in his TED talk that “telling someone your goals make them less likely to happen“.

Psychological tests have shown that when people congratulate you on your goals, you feel a sense of satisifaction as if you’ve already achieved them.  So you don’t work as hard to reach them.  Check out the 3-min video below:

So if you must tell someone, tell it in a way that won’t give you any satisfaction (i.e. “you need to be on my ass about getting to the gym 5 days per week!”)

What do you want to achieve? What’s the one big thing that will propel you forward – in your health, your career, your relationship? Write it down. Get at it.

Then, come back and brag to us about it later.

What do you think of this approach? Have you noticed that high you get when you tell someone your big goals (before you’ve achieved them)? Do you think that the accountability that comes along with announcing your resolutions is crucial for your success? Leave a comment and let me know what has been essential for you to reach your goals (but don’t tell me your goals!).

Happy New Year!

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