The Superbowl Experiment

Want a fun way to plump up your friends on Superbowl Sunday? Serve them chips in the HUGEST container you can find.

It’s been shown that the larger the serving dish, the more you eat whether you realize it or not. My favorite is a study done by a Cornell researcher who invited his students to a Superbowl party. He split them up into two rooms, or “snack bars”.

They had the same exact snacks, but one location served them in large bowls while the other location served them in medium-sized bowls. The students who were eating from the large bowls ate 53% more than the students eating from the smaller bowls!

The best part is that these were his own students! Just weeks before the party he gave them a lecture on the relationship between container size and portion size – they knew the drill. Yet when surveyed they claimed that the size of the bowl had nothing to do with how much they decided to eat. Even awareness didn’t stop them from falling into the giant-container sized trap.

So, want to keep yourself amused while you’re stuck inside this winter? Fill a trough with Chex Mix, invite your friends over, and watch them blow up. Muahahahaha!

This helps us see that by having nice, big, seemingly “convenient” containers of bulk food scattered around your kitchen, you’re facing serious self-sabotage. To learn how to still save money on your food but avoid these sneaky traps, join me and Laurie Meek, a professional organizer, on a free webinar this Thursday night at 8:00PM. Click here to sign up!

You’ll learn how to turn your kitchen from a minefield of dieting traps into a stress-free sanctuary.


  • I’m so glad I’m conscious and committed to this very concept. I usually eat my dinner on a salad plate. I remember going with my folks to a cafeteria type place to eat and the server plopping down a huge amount of food onto my plate and I literally cringed and wanted to say, “Hey!! I’m a small girl! Where do you think I’m gonna fit all that food?” Eating smaller portions is doable once you get the container/plate thing down-your body has no choice but to follow suit.

    • heather says:

      I love it Cheryl! My favorite part about it is you don’t even feel deprived or realize you’re eating smaller portions if you do it this way, it’s all about tricking yourself!

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