3 Healthy Things to Bring on a Trip

That jerky kid kicking the back of your seat on the plane,

the corner street light glaring directly into your hotel room,

air conditioning cranked so high you wish you brought your parka…to Florida.

And the closest you can get to a vegetable? Is the iceberg lettuce on a turkey club sandwich.

When you’re traveling — whether you’re flying off to Paris (can I come?), staying at Hampton Inn in Nowhere, Pennsylvania for a friend’s wedding, or crashing on your college pal’s pullout sofa for the weekend — there are lot of things you don’t have control over.

The kinds of things that make you an enjoyable human to be around: fresh vegetables, a good night’s sleep, your favorite cup of tea, anything but fast food, etc.

While you can’t control everything, there are simple things you can bring with you to feel more energized, more comfortable, and more pleasant to be with — even if you’re having breakfast when your body thinks it’s 2am.

Check out this list of everything I always pack in my suitcase:

Packing List

Vega One packets 
Greens powder
Valerian root extract (not to be confused with valyrian steel, nerds!)
Ear plugs
Sleep Band 
Hot water bottle
Ambiance App for white noise

Do you have something you always travel with so you don’t feel like a cranky-pants?

Share your list in the comments below!


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