The “Go Feed Yourself” Philosophy

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Go ahead, snoop around.  As you do, I want to you to keep in mind all the food and tips here are brought to you with this simple philosophy…


Screw Willpower

Most “diets”, health, and fitness efforts require relying on willpower and self-control. Well did you know that willpower is physically and emotionally draining? I want to help you increase your energy and mental clarity, not deplete it.

Instead, let’s focus on the opposite of what most “healthy” diets tell you to do: adding in MORE food. Foods that detoxify you, supercharge your energy, and actually taste good. Let’s also add in MORE activities that you actually enjoy while we’re at it.

Here’s what happens: when you add in more of the “good stuff”, you quickly begin to crave it, crowding out the stuff that makes you feel like crap.

No willpower necessary.

Think Like a Professional Athlete: Your Business is Your Sport

You’ve heard the saying “you are what you eat”, haven’t you? It’s 100% true.

What you eat gets broken down and literally becomes YOU. Your organs, your skin, your hair, your brain, even your thoughts.

So what’s better fuel for your thoughts? For your ideas? For your productivity? Food that came from a plant or food that was manufactured in a plant?

When you make food decisions with just your weight or physical appearance in mind, you become vulnerable to constant slip-ups, self-sabotage, and useless guilt. Because “there’s always tomorrow,” isn’t there?

But, when you make food decisions with your PERFORMANCE in mind, like a pro athlete would, you don’t have tolerance for slip-ups.

You have art to make, a business to build, deals to close — you can’t afford to be in a food coma all afternoon, can you?

That’s why I want to help you find food that keeps you on your A-game.

Best part is, the kinds of foods that give you energy and focus are the same kind
of foods that help you look hot. It’s a win-win.

Why Wait for Vacation? Live Every Day.

I love any culture where the art of pleasure and good food is emphasized. What’s crazy is that whenever I visit places like Italy or France, I feel and look my best while doing the exact opposite of a normal “healthy regimen”: not exercising, indulging in rich meals without guilt, and kicking back – a lot.

You see, what you eat is only one part of the equation. How you eat has just as strong an effect on your energy, metabolism, and digestion as what you eat.

If you want to have clearer focus to grow your business, there has to be room for pleasure.

That’s why plain-old healthy ingredients won’t cut it (have you ever followed a diet that has you eating only veggies with lemon juice only to spring for the vending machine an hour later?).

I’ll show you how to bring small, vacation and spa-worthy indulgences into your everyday meals and routine, without taking up extra time.

Heather Pierce GiannoneMeet Heather

Who is this Heather you speak of?

It’s me! I’m here to help you feed yourself and feel awesome doing it.

Did you know that I used to be an accountant? Yep.

I’ll admit it, formulas and spreadsheets still make me a little excited.

I like scruffy beards. What does that have to do with this website? Absolutely nothing!

Seven years after working as a Nerdy McNerdster in the financial services industry, I decided to help people feel good (instead of yelling at them for not getting their TPS reports done on time).

Super nutritious food and fitness is something I had been passionate about since growing up immersed in the family business, a tennis & fitness club.

So, I went to Integrative Nutrition in NYC, became a certified holistic health coach and got certified as a yoga teacher while I was at it.

Turns out I was quite good at making food taste awesome and making cooking look simple, so I started making videos to help my clients make their new healthy food taste so good they wouldn’t miss their crappy takeout.

And badda bing, bada boom, here we are: at my digital home,

I love sharing super simple, lazy-proof cooking tricks and recipes that make healthy food taste like indulgent restaurant meals.

Along the way I made a few things for you, like this online healthy cooking course, Go Feed Yourself, and the soon-to-be released “Launch Diet” – what to eat when you need to hunker down. It’s a good one.

Now I spend my time making tasty food, dabbling in Latin ballroom dancing, and drinking an obscene amount of jasmine tea.

I live in Connecticut with my husband Peter and our dog, Mr. Scrufflesworth. Ok I made that last part up but we’ll get Mr S. one of these days.

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