What’s Your Eating Personality? (Plus Chocolate Treats for You!)

Years ago I was watching an Iron Chef America episode with my sister, Kelly.  At the end of the show, one of the judges said something that we will never forget: When it comes to dessert, my motto is usually ‘If it’s not chocolate, it’s not worth it.‘ You said it, sister. That quote instantly resonated with Kelly and me – if we’re going to treat ourselves to dessert, we sure as hell aren’t settling for…Continue Reading

The #1 Way to Feel + Look Awesome (It Has Nothing to Do With Calories)

A few weeks ago I was helping my friend and client Alex get her eating habits and pantry in gear. As she pulls a few “healthy snacks” off the Whole Foods shelf, I hear: “This is good right? It’s pretty low in calories…?” …and I cringe. This question makes me shudder almost as much as the “Wait, but isn’t that fattenening?” question. No wonder Alex has been struggling to feed herself well. You see, when…Continue Reading

Best Breakfast Sandwich Ever: Avocado, Egg, + Crispy Kale

Hold on to your pants, you’re about to get a taste of the best breakfast sandwich ever. Well, you’ll get a taste if you make it, obviously. This dish combines nutritional powerhouses kale, avocado, and egg for an indulgent, buttery, protein-rich and fiber-rich gem of a breakfast. Or lunch. Or brunch, dinner…you’ll want it all day long because it’s so satisfying. I’ve been making it at least 3 times per week because a) it’s delicious…Continue Reading

5 Minute Crispy Kale with Toasted Coconut

My favorite way to easily get healthy food on your plate is by keeping it SIMPLE. Meaning, cook your food in the most basic (and boring) way, then sass it up in seconds with exciting toppings. Today I had to share with you my new favorite way to sass up healthy dishes and you will love it…if you like coconut, that is. 5 Minute Crispy Coconut Kale Ingredients 1/2 bunch of lacinato kale 1 tbsp…Continue Reading