Cinco De Mayo Tortilla Soup Recipe

It’s almost Cinco de Mayo and I have a killer, top secret recipe for you today. Well, top secret until now. I had the absolute pleasure of cooking with my buddy and brilliant coach, Jeannine Yoder, for this week’s video. Jeannine swiped an addictive tortilla soup recipe from her favorite restaurant in California when she was in 7th grade, added her own twist, and has been winning tortilla soup cook-offs ever since… Yes, those exist….Continue Reading

Asparagus Recipe Formula: A Side Dish That Helps You De-Bloat

A few months ago I co-hosted a Beauty Bites party with my pal Monique from Goddess Huntress. We rustled up an exquisite grapefruit vodka cocktail, a homemade olive oil skin toner, and a tasty meal full of superfoods that promote a sparkly complexion. The main ingredient? Asparagus. Turns out these suckers are anti-aging powerhouses — one of the highest sources of what some call “the mother of all antioxidants”, glutathione, which helps protect against skin…Continue Reading

Easy Yet Impressive Weekday Chicken

I used to think this dish was something fancy that only people like my mom or grandmother would made on special occasions. Definitely not something I would ever do on my own, but I loved ordering it at a restaurant. But the more I nerded out on cookbooks (yes, I curl up with them and a highlighter), the more I realized how a roast chicken should really be a weekly staple. Which is why I…Continue Reading

Like You Needed an Excuse to Eat Chocolate

Ooh it’s almost Valentine’s Day and while I find the idea of waiting for a set day in the calendar to show someone how much you love them RIDICULOUS, I’ll tell you what’s not ridiculous: any excuse to get your hands on chocolate. If February 14th is not enough of an excuse, here’s a few more: Chocolate (a quality piece with 70% cocoa or more)… helps release serotonin and endorphins which help relieve anxiety and…Continue Reading