10-Minute Quinoa Breakfast Porridge

If you’re freezing your buns off, you may be feeling the urge to swap your morning smoothie for something soothing, hearty, and warm. After all, how can you “curl up” with a frozen mango-strawberry smoothie?! My teeth are jittering just thinking about it. A warm oatmeal might feel like more work, but it doesn’t have to be if you use leftovers! Whipped up some brown rice or quinoa to go with veggies earlier this week?…Continue Reading

Make Your Coworkers Jealous at Lunchtime: Winter Quinoa Salad

It’s a brand new year which means everyone is creating resolutions (or complaining about why resolutions are stupid). Either way, most of us are on a kick to eat more healthfully after gorging ourselves on cookies, booze, and heavy dishes during the holidays. What is the quintessential dish that everyone turns to when they are trying to be “good”? A SALAD. Yup. But, if you’ve resolved to eat more salads for lunch this January, you…Continue Reading

5 Ways to Switch Up Your Meals Without Finding a New Recipe

I may be all about cooking,  but I rarely try new recipes. Maybe it sounds silly, but if it’s a busy week, who wants to spend time on something you might like? Yet making the same thing over and over again can get boring fast. So here’s my lazy version of changing up your menu: When you want to sass things up, make one of these small tweaks to your trusted dishes and they’ll taste…Continue Reading

The “Don’t Deprive Yourself (or Disgrace Yourself)” Dining Out Game Plan

Let’s say you go out to a good restaurant with a group of friends and you want to be “good”. You’re trying to shape up and need to be energized for your next big project, so you don’t want food to screw that up. But you also don’t want to pass up any tasty treats. Let’s say this restaurant is KNOWN for it’s lobster mac & cheese… What do you do? A) Go for the…Continue Reading