The “Don’t Deprive Yourself (or Disgrace Yourself)” Dining Out Game Plan

Let’s say you go out to a good restaurant with a group of friends and you want to be “good”. You’re trying to shape up and need to be energized for your next big project, so you don’t want food to screw that up. But you also don’t want to pass up any tasty treats. Let’s say this restaurant is KNOWN for it’s lobster mac & cheese… What do you do? A) Go for the…Continue Reading

White Bean Dip…Dressing?

When I’m asked to “bring an appetizer” to a party but I’m feeling lazy, my go-to is this tasty Lemony White Bean dip. It’s refreshing, it’s healthy, it’s easy, and best of all, the ingredients are all pantry staples. Recently I went to one of my favorite I-talian restaurants here in CT and had a super-satisfying salad with a “creamy” dressing made with…white beans. Genius – it wasn’t much more than this dip with a…Continue Reading

No Cooking Required: 3 Smoothies When You’re Too Lazy to Cook

Don’t feel like cooking? I don’t blame you. It’s hot.  Summer’s almost over.  You just want to go out and play before it’s back to crazy time. So this time of year it’s fun to put cooking on the — back burner (yes, I just did that) — and enjoy all your nutrients in one killer smoothie. Below are my 3 go-to smoothie recipes for the summer or really any time of year, but first,…Continue Reading

The Irresistible Veggie Formula: Broccoli with Toasted Garlic, Hazelnuts, and Lemon

When I started health coaching, I would bring my private clients little gifts in the form of a new healthy food I wanted them to try, like a fresh bunch of greens, along with a simple recipe or two. At our next session I’d follow up to see what they thought, only to learn that the poor baby bok choy was rotting in their fridge. The biggest reason my clients gave for not cooking more…Continue Reading