Make Ahead Breakfast: Chia Steel Cut Oat Jars

These Chia Steel Cut Oat Jars are perfect when you’re in a rush, on-the-go, or just don’t want the temptation of reaching for a bowl of sugary cereal. Watch my video below to learn how to make them, or scroll down to recipe the full recipe. RECIPE Ingredients 1 cup dry steel cut / Irish oats 4 cups water Pinch of sea salt 1 tbsp grass fed butter, optional 1/3 cup chia seeds 1/2 cup…Continue Reading

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Whenever I serve these delicious scrambled eggs, my friends will ask me “Ooh, what kind of cheese did you use?” or “How’s it so creamy?” Believe it or not, these eggs are so freaking simple that they only require two ingredients: eggs (duh) and butter. That’s it! But how do I get these eggs so smooth and creamy? The key is through the cooking process. If you crank the heat up really high, throw the…Continue Reading

What to Make from the Farmer’s Market

One of our favorite things to do on Saturday mornings is work out, walk to the farmer’s market with the pup, then invite friends over for a long lunch! We have one rule: everyone has to make a random food purchase. Then we go home and figure out what to make with it. If you ever feel intimidated at the farmer’s market — or stuck with what to do with everything you buy, check out…Continue Reading

The Perfect Meal Prep Recipe: Thai Curry Chicken Soup

Thai Curry Chicken Soup

Ever try to meal prep? You know, when you spend a couple hours on Sunday making meals for the week? Great in theory. But in practice, it can be a pain in the ass. Why? Because you could spend hours shopping and making all this food only to realize by Friday you have tupperware of dry chicken breasts and a bunch of beets in the crisper drawer you never freaking ate. When meal prep goes…Continue Reading