The “Don’t Deprive Yourself (or Disgrace Yourself)” Dining Out Game Plan

Let’s say you go out to a good restaurant with a group of friends and you want to be “good”. You’re trying to shape up and need to be energized for your next big project, so you don’t want food to screw that up. But you also don’t want to pass up any tasty treats. Let’s say this restaurant is KNOWN for it’s lobster mac & cheese… What do you do? A) Go for the…Continue Reading

Easiest Way Ever to Cook Fish

Last Fall, hundreds of you completed a survey about your food preferences and what you wish you ate more often. One of the major foods my non-vegans wished they ate more of was fish. Heeeeere fishy fishy fishy! I’m with you on the “I wish I ate fish more often” thing – I usually order it when I’m in a good restaurant, but for years and years I was afraid to cook with it at…Continue Reading

The Irresistible Veggie Formula: Broccoli with Toasted Garlic, Hazelnuts, and Lemon

When I started health coaching, I would bring my private clients little gifts in the form of a new healthy food I wanted them to try, like a fresh bunch of greens, along with a simple recipe or two. At our next session I’d follow up to see what they thought, only to learn that the poor baby bok choy was rotting in their fridge. The biggest reason my clients gave for not cooking more…Continue Reading

Desserts! Paleo, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Oh My!

When your life feels too rigid, do you ever find that you turn to food that makes you feel even crappier? With our recent move I’ve totally been treating myself to more sweets (hello hazelnut gelato!) to counter the stress. But these “treats” lead to a case of the crankies and leave me feeling even worse. Sound familiar? While I’m phasing out of this gelato bender, I don’t want to completely swear off sweets –…Continue Reading