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Stop. Put Your Fork Down. Step Away From The Boring Salad…

Can I take a guess here? You’re good with chicken. You can think of 20 things to do with rice or potatoes. You may even have a great turkey chili slow-cooker routine.

But what you really need is an arsenal of irresistible vegetable recipes.

You know how good they are for you, but wish you could make them taste just as thrilling as a truffled mac + cheese.

If a gourmet chef could deliver delicious, interesting veggie dishes to your door every day, you would eat healthy ALL the time!

But your boring-ass salad leaves much to be desired. You eat it because you know you should, not because you’re hooked on the flavors.

Enough of that nonsense.

Here’s where I come in. Making super-nutritious vegetables taste gourmet is my specialty.

I’ve gotten my white bread and pasta-loving friends and clients hooked on healthy powerhouses like kale and collard greens with just a few easy + fast toppings, sauces, and tricks.

Ready to eat well and make fast vegetable dishes that you are completely addicted to? Join me for my new class:

Irresistible Vegetable Dishes for Every Day of the Week
Tuesday, October 18, 2011
6:30 – 8:30PM
Fairfield, CT

This private dining and cooking experience will be held at a beautiful private kitchen in Fairfield, CT that was recently featured in At Home Fairfield County Magazine and the Near and Far Designer House Tour.

In this interactive cooking class, you’ll learn:

  • 7 ways to make basic vegetables more exciting
  • 3 ways to sneak super-nutritious veggies into dishes you already love
  • How to cook veggies in 5 minutes without even pulling out a knife or cutting board
  • A healthy vegetable dish that tastes like bacon
  • The 3 essential, basic tools you need to make fantastic-tasting vegetables

We’ll prepare 7 dishes that you’ll enjoy, tapas-style, with local seasonal vegetables.  You’ll walk away with the recipes, a shopping list, a seasonal vegetable guide, and over 20 new ways to get hooked on veggies.

Join us to learn healthy but delicious dishes that will feed you fast and keep you satisfied!

There are 8 spots open. To register, please email to reserve your spot and for directions to the house.

Want something custom?

Contact me to ask me about hosting private cooking events at my place or yours.  We can tailor a class specifically for you and your clients, employees, or friends and family.

Reviews of my classes:

I’ve read lots of articles online and a zillion books have been written on the subject healthy alternatives…but all of that can be very boring and time consuming. There is no substitute for watching and listening to someone who is brimming with enthusiasm. The excitement rubs off and is a real impetus for action.

I especially liked the variety of tastes and textures. I have been serving the dishes you taught and which everyone loves. You answered all the questions that were raised and demonstrated a real understanding of nutrition and the importance of knowing what we are eating and how it affects our health and well-being. That alone is worth every penny.
– Barbara H., Weston, CT

My biggest take-away from this class is that healthy cooking doesn’t have to be complicated and that healthy food can actually taste good. I highly recommend this class!
– Victoria C., Weston, CT

The food was delicious – it had great flavor and texture. I would certainly recommend this class for the great nutritional advice you shared!
– Katy C., Westport, CT

I would absolutely recommend this class – you made healthy cooking easy and fun!
– Julie A., Norwalk, CT

What I liked most about your class was the information on the health aspects. The more information I have about good, healthy food, the more I will use it. You also introduced, through your handout, a lot of greens that I’ve never tried. Your handy description makes them less mysterious and I am more apt to try them. Your handout is also full of really good information and I’ve referred to it several times.

The food was simple and really tasty! Looking forward to the next one!
– Robin R., Wilton, CT

I loved learning about simple healthy dressings and toppings that can be used in so many different ways. I would absolutely recommend this class to others – it was entertaining and easy to follow!
– Robert M., Stamford, CT

For any questions or to register, please email


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