Foamy Crotch Pads, My Mom, & My Butt

Take it easy for a couple more weeks, you can use the treadmill or the bike but that’s it,” my chiropractor tells me over a month ago.

Ah crap!“, I say to myself – I detest the treadmill and have always hated spinning classes. Something about just going and going without actually going anywhere feels so relentless.

Unfortunately, a pain in my left gluteal muscles was making it uncomfortable to do simple things like get into the car (seriously?).  My stupid butt was making me “take it easy” and avoid activities I love for far too long.

As the doctor ordered: no bootcamp, no yoga, no dancing — all no bueno for my bum.

Going Bananas

While at first my prescription was a fun excuse to be lazy, my brain starts to go crazy bananas if I don’t break a sweat on a regular basis.

I’d been working hard on my new website (coming soon!) so this was NOT the best time to turn cuckoo.

So, when my mom asked me to take a spinning class with her a few weeks ago, I said yes even though my lizard brain was like “ughhhhhhhh spinning is the worst, this is going to suck!

When I got to my bike and put my trusty bum pad on the seat (how can you people go padless, do you have crotches made of steel?), I desperately thought about ways to make the workout less agonizing:

“What if I tried to meditate while I ‘spun’?”

“Maybe the music will be so awesome that time will fly?”

Enter Stuart Smalley

Then it hit me – thanks to my pal Erin and her beautifully designed Shrink Session workouts, I had recently become open to the idea of doing affirmations while I worked out.


Yes, I admit, when I was first introduced to this concept years ago I thought it was kinda silly.  I immediately think of Stuart Smalley making Michael Jordan tell the mirror he doesn’t have to “put the ball in the basket” to be the “best Michael he can be”.

But, because Erin is so awesome and pretty and funny, I gave her workout a shot and loved it. I was particularly shocked at how I don’t remember it feeling super tough but I was SO sore the next day. How the heck does that work!?

The idea is that when you focus on positive thoughts, you drown out all the bullshit chatter that makes you want to whine, quit, or not work as hard…which is usually what happens when I take a spinning class or go for a run.

So, while Erin’s killer sessions had to be put hold because of my “left bum injury”, her affirmations didn’t have to be.

Back to Foamy Crotch Pads…

As the class kicks off and we’re on to our first relentless seated climb, I decide to start saying one of Erin’s affirmations to myself to the beat, over and over on each 8-count.

Next circuit comes up, I dig into my memory bank for another motivating phrase, and mouth it to the beat.

I repeat a new “mantra” for each of 8 circuits and what do you know? The class is over before you can say “Bob’s your uncle”.

I’m sweating my ass off, got a great workout that didn’t hurt my bum, and had a fun time working out with my mom…all without the nonsense whiny inner chatter.

And guess what – now my mantras and I are going to spinning a few times a week, my left ass cheek is feeling better, and I’m down a size in my skinny jeans without trying!

Once my bum is better, I’ll hit up bootcamp, Shrink Session, and yoga again, of course. I love them! But spinning will certainly be part of my repertoire.

Sometimes your body just needs to switch things up.

I could have milked this little injury and moped around for weeks. Thanks to my mom’s invitation and Erin’s awesome program, I found a way to take care of myself even when I didn’t feel like it.

How have you tricked yourself into doing things that are good for you even though you didn’t want to do it? Let me know if the comments below.


  • Barb says:

    I have to admit I was floored when you said “yes” but so nice to have a buddy, and glad your crotch felt happy. I have a hard time getting started doing anything, so I tell myself just do it for 10 minutes and then you can stop, (they don’t lock the door in spinning class!) But of course after 10 minutes I am in to whatever I am doing and before you know it, its done and I feel great.

  • K.C. says:

    I’ve always wondered how much stress having the news on at my gym created. I hate the treadmill as well simply because at my gym, all of the cardio machines are situated facing no less than six televisions – all of which are programed to a different news station. As I’ve marked mile after mile, I wondered if having positive, feel good stories would not only make the workout seem less work but also if the workout would be better integrated into the body. Thanks for introducing me to Erin!

    • Heather says:

      Great point KC! How can you feel good and motivated while watching all that negativity? Glad you enjoyed Erin’s approach – she’s fantastic!

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