How Holiday Cocktails Can Keep You Hydrated

Did you know that being dehydrated can make it harder to think through problems?

I always have a tough time motivating myself to drink water when it gets cold out. Remember the sippy cups?

Well, the thought of “refreshing” herbs, fruits, and veggies like cucumber, mint, and basil doesn’t seem as exciting as it did when it was scorching hot out this summer. Now all I dream about is hot chocolate.

But as I noticed that I was tearing through hand cream and lip balm once the air got cold and dry, I knew I needed new inspiration to swig glass after glass of water again.

Enter holiday cocktails.

In my search for exciting winter drinks, I found things like:

They look festive, colorful, and have a nice wintery feel about them.

So, I got out my sippy cup and used these exciting winter cocktail recipes as inspiration to hydrate, say goodbye to dry skin, and keep my brain from fogging up.

Check ‘em out:

Pomegranate Seeds and Sliced Ginger

Cranberry and Lime

Fennel and Orange

Vanilla and Pear

What’s your favorite holiday cocktail?  How can you use it as inspiration to make plain-old water more exciting?

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