The Coolest Scheduling Tool Ever

Ladies, did you know that there’s a perfect time of the month for you to ask for a raise or pitch your killer idea?

Gentlemen, did you know you can predict when your lady friend will be most eager to jump in the sack and when she’ll want some space?

Here’s how…

My Scheduling Secret Weapon

You may have already heard me rave about my scheduling secret weapon, “My Hormone’s Made Me Do It,” a genius website that shows you how the rise and fall of your hormones during your monthly cycle predict things like:

  • when you’ll be the most magnetic,
  • when you’ll look hotter,
  • when you’ll be more creative,
  • when you’ll be more discerning and cautious,
  • when you’ll have the most energy,
  • when to stay in,
  • when to go out, etc.

Health journalist and founder of the site, Gabrielle Lichterman, helps you do this beautifully by providing “Hormonology Guides” and daily “Hormone Horoscopes“.

Hormone Horoscopes

I’m consistently blown away by how accurate daily “horoscopes” have been – it’s like she’s watching me!

They have become my secret weapon for determining:

  • when to create,
  • when to focus more on detailed, admin-type work,
  • when to take it easy,
  • when to shop,
  • when to schedule talks and events, etc.

and it’s been fantastic.  Click here to check them out.

Dudes Can Use it Too

Don’t worry gentlemen, you also have your own 24-hour cycle and are just as affected by hormonal highs and lows as us ladies. Check how you can be more strategic about planning your day here.

My Hormones Made Me Eat It

Because I love this site so much, I offered to put together an exclusive “menu” for Hormonology readers:  recipes that are for perfect for each week of your cycle.

I included tasty recipes like this Sweet Potato-Vanilla-Ginger Soup with Potato Croutons and Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Walnut Oil.

Click here to check out my Hormonology Recipes and let me know which one is your favorite!

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  • Meghan says:

    Heather, what great info! This is some seriously original content, thank you so much for posting it! I am looking forward to sharing this with the rest of my female family members this holiday season.

    Merry Christmas and Holiday Cheer to you and yours!

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