My Philosophy:  Holistic Health Without the Fluff

My philosophy, my blog, and each of my services integrate the following principles:

Screw Willpower.
Most “diets” and fitness efforts require willpower and self-control. Guess what? Willpower is physically and emotionally draining! My goal is to help you increase your energy and mental clarity, not deplete it.

So I focus on the opposite of what regular diets tell you to do: adding in MORE food. Foods that detoxify you, supercharge your energy and actually taste good. Let’s also add in MORE activities that you actually enjoy while we’re at it.

Here’s what happens:  you start to understand the causes of your cravings. After adding in the good stuff, you’ll begin to CRAVE it and crowd out the stuff that makes you feel like crap. No willpower necessary!

Think Like a Professional Athlete. Your Business is Your Sport.
You’ve heard the saying “you are what you eat”, right? It’s 100% true, dammit. What you eat gets broken down and literally becomes YOU. Your organs, your skin, your hair, your brain, even your thoughts.

So what’s better fuel for your thoughts? For your ideas? For your stamina? Food that came from a plant or food that was made in a plant?

When you make food decisions with just your weight in mind, you become vulnerable to constant slip-ups, self-sabotage, and USELESS guilt.  Because “there’s always tomorrow.”

But, when you make food decisions with your PERFORMANCE in mind, like a pro athlete would, you don’t have tolerance for slip-ups. You have sh*t to do – you can’t afford to be in a food coma all afternoon!

I teach you how to do just that – to gradually add in foods that give you real, sustained energy. Before you know it, you simply crave them.

Why Wait for Vacation? Live Every Day.
I love any culture where the art of pleasure is emphasized, like Italy, Spain, and France. What’s crazy is that whenever I vacation in these places, I feel and look my best while doing the exact opposite of what is normally expected to “get healthier”: not exercising, indulging in rich meals without guilt, and kicking back – a lot.

By teaching you to “bring vacation home with you”, I can show you how to increase your vitality simply by de-stressing and enjoying every moment.

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About Me

My inspiration to go into the wellness industry was sparked from a family trip to Italy in 2006. I was burnt out and miserable in my job in public accounting. The whole “working for the weekend” mantra was completely unacceptable to me — I come from a line of passionate entrepreneurs who write their own rules. My idea of a career was something that would make me so excited that I would jump out of bed each morning.

So after 10 incredible days of spending long dinners laughing and sharing stories with 16 members of my extended family, walking through breath-taking sites, writing, and indulging in delicious food without an ounce of guilt, I knew I needed more of that. Not vacation, but actually living life and being excited to start each day.

Fitness and nutrition was my sweet spot, as I grew up immersed in the family business: a health and tennis club. So a few years later, I completed my training as a holistic health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, became trained as a yoga teacher, and left the corporate world behind to teach busy entrepreneurs how to feel the best they’ve ever felt – simply by living the good life every single day.

I went to UMass-Amherst where I got a Bachelors and Masters in Accounting (read: nerd!) and studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain. After school I lived in the great city of Boston for several years before heading back to Connecticut.

When I’m not health coaching, practicing yoga, or sitting with my nose buried in a business or health book, my favorite way to spend time is long dinners with family and friends with lots of laughter, storytelling, and of course Frank Sinatra in the background.

I’m very proud of my heritage (Scottish and Italian) and am fascinated by people’s backgrounds. I love to travel and explore both my family’s and other cultures, especially if that culture is known for their food!

I now live in Connecticut with my husband Peter, and our dog, Mr. Scrufflesworth. Ok I made that last part up but we’ll get him one of these days.


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