Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Whenever I serve these delicious scrambled eggs, my friends will ask me “Ooh, what kind of cheese did you use?” or “How’s it so creamy?”

Believe it or not, these eggs are so freaking simple that they only require two ingredients: eggs (duh) and butter. That’s it!

But how do I get these eggs so smooth and creamy? The key is through the cooking process. If you crank the heat up really high, throw the eggs in there, whisk them up really fast, you’re going to get that crusty foam texture and a burnt pan. Yuck.

For these perfect scramble eggs, you’re going to need a very low heat. I recommend using a double-boiler.

Watch my video below to see exactly how I use this double-boiler technique for the creamiest, velvetiest, richest, BEST scrambled eggs you’ll ever make.

If you want more egg recipes, here’s another you could try: Poached Eggs. (link)

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