Wish you could make delicious, healthy meals as easily as you make your bed?


Pimp My Pantry

One-on-One Virtual Consultation

With one video chat visit, I’ll lazy-proof your pantry and give you a custom plan that lets you ditch the delivery and whip up spa-worthy meals on autopilot.

If you’ve:

  • Made the same dish a bunch of times and now you’re just bored…
  • Found cooking to be too much hassle for too little reward…
  • Spent a fortune at Whole Foods thinking you’d cook up a storm, only to realize you were too ambitious and not up for all that work…
  • Gotten home late from work or the gym and thought “what the hell, I’ll just order takeout”, then felt like crap after eating it, or…
  • Thought going gluten-free, dairy-free, or meat-free would make you feel better but with all these restrictions you have NO idea what to make…

…Then my private pantry-pimping service is made for you!

Here’s how Pimp My Pantry works:

We Skype.

You tell me about your favorite foods, your food goals, and your schedule.

I check out your pantry and your fridge, and then I pimp them out. I build on what you already have by customizing:

  • 5 core recipes,
  • 3 variations for each recipe so you can change it up (that’s 15 different dishes right there), and
  • a short Print-and-Go Shopping List
  • Step-by-step cooking videos, so you can see just how easy it is! (My clients go crazy for these.)

It’s all tailored to your personal tastes and your schedule, to make you look and feel focusedenergized, and freaking fantastic.

Within 3 business days you’ll get a copy of your personalized Pimp My Pantry Plan, complete with recipes and shopping checklist so you can get to feeding yourself, fast!

Pimp My Pantry = No more kitchen overwhelm.

After working with me, you’ll have all the ingredients in reach and all the know-how you need to make cooking healthy, restaurant-quality meals a turn-key operation.

BONUS: Access to Go Feed Yourself!

Along with your Pimp My Pantry service, you’ll also get access to my flagship program, Go Feed Yourself, full of healthy cooking resources, time-saving techniques and videos, and dozens of fast recipes. (This program normally retails for $97.)

Investment: You get the Pimp My Pantry service, plus access to Go Feed Yourself, for only $297.

Ready to schedule your session? Here’s how:

  1. Click here to purchase your session.
  2. Once your purchase is confirmed, you’ll be invited to schedule our appointment.
  3. The consultation will last about 30-40 minutes. You’ll show me what you’ve currently got in your kitchen and I’ll ask you a few questions about your current food habits, your schedule, and preferences so that I can tailor the recipes and shopping list to your personal tastes and lifestyle.
  4. Within 3 business days, you’ll receive your Pimp My Pantry Report with 3 personalized recipes, 3 variations for each recipe, and a short shopping list building on top of what you already have in your kitchen.  Plus, access to Go Feed Yourself.

Once you receive the Pimp My Pantry Report, you’ll be able to run with it to become a Kitchen Commando and make fastdelicious meals right away. Click here now to get started!


Live in Manhattan or the Fairfield County area? If after our pantry consultation I think I can absolutely help, you’ll also have the opportunity to schedule me for a VIP afternoon of private cooking to just show you exactly what to do!

Want to hear what my clients have to say?

Before getting help from Heather, my kitchen was pathetic! I had nothing edible in my pantry and even less in my fridge. I always get overwhelmed with trying to figure out what essentials I need to be able to whip up last minute meals. So I would come home from work end up spending way too much on take-out.

Heather has the skills to take you from bare to bountiful cupboards without spending a lot of money or time.

I am cooking my own healthy meals now and the meals are fast, easy, and so delicious! I’m extremely happy that I can come home and whip up a meal without any stress.

– Erin Stutland, Creator of Shrink Session and Life + Fitness Coach www.ErinStutland.com

After just one day of following Heather’s easy and effing delicious recipes I went home and got stuff done that I’d been putting off for weeks. The energy and motivation I felt was unlike anything I’ve ever felt in my body before.

And the best part was that I wanted to keep it going when usually it feels like eating healthy is too hard to keep up with. My life is forever changed thanks to Heather!

Stella Santana, Singer/Songwriter/Coach/Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur StellaSantana.com

I had been hesitating to cook because I hate cleaning up in my tiny NYC kitchen, but getting take-out all the time was killing my budget. I love fish so I was so excited when Heather taught me these easy fish and vegetable recipes that require hardly any cleanup at all. Everything gets cooked in one nice little package and I have dinner ready in less than 20 minutes.

She also helped me plan out my week so I can have food right at my fingertips without having to think about it every day – my grocery bills are so much lower now that I have a plan. These cooking techniques are SO easy and simple, but SO GOOD. Just the way I like it!

– Nitika Chopra, Founder/Editor in Chief of Your Bella Life YourBellaLife.com

Heather rocks! She is hip and creative in making eating healthy easy and fun…even for me. This says a lot. I have NO time to prepare or fuss over food. Heather breaks food prep down into no-brainer steps that anyone can do. She is my personal food coach. I highly recommend she be yours as well.

You will get incredible nutritional knowledge, tips that work and take the pain out of food prep, and delicious meals that make you feel great and have lots of energy (what a concept). Aligning with Heather will be the best thing you can do for your body and life practices.

– Stacey Hascoe, Sales and Marketing Director, SONO Corporate Center

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