Stupid Things That Smart People Eat

There’s this “Fresh Bakery” bread that I often see on the counter in my parent’s house. One day, while I was probably standing at the counter cleaning out their peanut butter supply, I happened to turn the bread package over and read the ingredients and discovered: this bread was far from fresh.

I couldn’t even pronounce half the ingredients (aka preservatives).

So why does the sticker make it seem like they baked it just for you that very morning?

My parents are pretty health conscious people, so if they don’t realize they are making a stupid food purchase, I bet there tons of smart people out there getting fooled by those sneaky stickers.

Check out this week’s video to watch me put my nerd glasses on and see what was hiding in the “fresh” bread. I also share some good “real food” alternatives that you can easily pick up.

Have you discovered other foods that you’ve been buying for years that have sneaky ingredients in them? What was it?


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