Why Store-Bought Dressings Suck

I used to buy “healthy”, low-fat salad dressings and bring them to work with my lunch:  a big old salad.

I thought it tasted pretty good and was proud of myself for making healthier choices.

But then, a few years ago I attempted to make a vinaigrette for dinner guests and I wanted to slap myself in the face.

Three ingredients, less than one minute of work and WAY more delicious than any of that bottled, store-bought nonsense.

There is no such thing as a good store-bought dressing.
– Michael Pollan, Food Rules, An Eater’s Manual

By the way, have you ever stopped to check the ingredients on a bottled salad dressing? Even the “healthy” ones are full of weird ingredients: crappy vinegars, low-quality vegetable oils, and things that I either can’t pronounce or would never keep in my pantry.

No thanks.

So after making my own, I never looked back.  I make this dressing EVERY DAY, with small tweaks here and there.

In fact, whenever I’m asked to bring food to a family gathering, I’m always put on dressing duty because of my amazing, “magic” dressing. Those suckers don’t realize it’s only 3 ingredients and a few shakes of a whisk.

Don’t be a sucker – learn this dressing formula and it will change your salad-eating life forever:


  • Change up the oil: instead of olive oil, try walnut oil or hazelnut oil.
  • Change up the acid: instead of sherry vinegar, try apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, or lighten it up with fresh lemon or lime juice.
  • Sweeten it – add a smidge of honey to make it sweeter and more like “honey mustard” dressing.
  • Freshen it up – add minced shallots or fresh herbs before you whisk it.

Carrots Dipped in Dressing

The possibilities are endless!

What variation would you make to this dressing formula?

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